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As a very young man, our Founder, Juma, recognized a serious problem, young children left abondoned on the streets of Johannesburg with no one to care for them nor keep them safe.  As a young resident of the community, Juma couldn't continue to standby and watch innocent children fend for themselves.  This is when he made a life changing decision by housing, feeding and caring for these unwanted babes. 

"Our goal has always been to accept any child that needs a place to stay; we never force them to leave.  This is their forever home."

We have adapted this goal and made it a part of our mission:  to make all children feel safe, secure and loved.  We are excited to watch our babies grow and thrive through healthy eating, education, reading challenges and coding classes.  Our children are amazing and we appreciate all of the continued support from our partners, philanthropists, volunteers and supporters.

Our Foundation Goals are to:
  • Provide services to underprivileged and underserved children.

  • Provide sponsorship in areas of education, health and social services.

  • Provide social networks, leadership development, and peer support. 

  • Develop life skills. 

  • Empower youth as leaders in our community.

  • Promote literacy (including financial literacy) and leadership through our book donation drive and volunteer educators. 

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