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The word MALAIKA (an angle) in our name is a concise statement of our primary intent. To ensure action on pressing needs rather than talking about them. Over 6 years of progress it seems apparent that no mistake was made in choosing the name of this mighty movement.


An ever increasing number of our young volunteers are responding to the appeal of this name and volunteering for the services at home and abroad. It is a Blessed name to its members and the Nationality for it represents to them new and deeper consecration, new ideas and new aspirations. It also represents a greater cooperation and dynamic training to all our people.


We are raising $150,000 by September 2022!

Malaika Orphanage Center is a project caring and empowering vulnerable children in the African communities and give them a brighter future.

Our Mission

Our Aim

Making the young generation gets involved in the planning, preventing and fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic by sharing their views, knowledge and attitude in areas of difficult so as to become responsible citizens.

Our Motto

Helping African Children grow and thrive.

Our Vision

A prepared future life for an African child.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage young people to live a protective life from HIV/AIDS. This fact must be impressed upon the minds of our children and youth. It must be woven into the very fiber of their being. The teaching in schools must all be designed to impress the minds of our children and young people that their mission as individuals must be the mission of the whole people to protect and prevent HIV to the entire world. If this is done when they are young the impression will never leave them. When they come to the years of responsibility and are called to decide their life services. They will surely be influenced by this great fact. And will come to remember which friends did not manage to pass the difficult age with Aids.

Our Field

The field is the world. It is to the world. We work hand in hand with international organizations around the world to teach about voluntary work about the spread and prevention of HIV/AIDS. This means that we must go to all the world's continents and divisions. We must navigate all the great rivers and lakes of all countries; we must work our way into the heart of all countries. We must learn the language of the people, that's our mission to the world.

Having spread ourselves and gotten a foothold in all these lands as we have, it does not seem so difficult to do this work, and yet it is still great work.

To finish this work we must inspire our young people to consecrate their energies and lives. Our old men cannot go out to distant places and they are likely to die less than young people. So young people need to learn more from the old and endure the privations incident to the fields in which they live.

That work must be done by a young class of people, and they can hardly begin too young. Some of the strongest and the grandest people of this last century were men and women who lived a wonderful life over many years ago. We have a very definite message and why should not our young people, strong in God; understand clearly the mission committed to them? Why should they not become giants and great fighters of the killer disease AIDS among the people? So they can have a story to tell in their old age.

As we look upon this faster epidemic today, we have much to encourage our young people In and out of schools to go forward with the work. We have much to thrust us on. To impel us forward. Much to cause us to make earnest efforts to perform this work and fulfill this mission.

We want to inculcate the thought in our institutions everywhere and wherever we come in contact with our young people or our elder people either, That we have but one thing to do, is to keep our bodies gifts from God. Malaika Orphanage Center is composed of six main departments. A coordinator heads each department. The coordinator promotes and oversees the implementation and supervises its programs to MOC objectives.

Meet the Director of Malaika Orphanage Center!

Juma Sebichwu, Director

Juma Sebichwu founded the orphanage in his own neighborhood in 2008 without the help of their local government.


Our 6 Departments

1. Community Health Education

4. Community Development Program

2. Malaika Orphanage Teen’s Club

5. MOC Children Center

3. HIV/AIDS Awareness /Adolescent Reproductive Health

6. Drug Abuse

MOC Community Healthy Educations

MOC community Healthy educations In this Department we participate in the AIDS prevention, control, promote behavior change and communication for safer sex and practices. We provide home-based support for HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans. We Address reproductive Health issue e.g. Family planning to the young parents (under 18 mothers and fathers) pregnancies etc. We advocate and campaigns in the fight against infantile diseases that needlessly kill millions of children each year.


Our objectives aim at:

• Encouraging young people to wait participating in sexual activities which destroys their future and makes them become street children and helpless parents,

• Increasing secondary abstinence i.e. avoidance and education on reproductive health of intercourse among unmarried youth and young adults so as to prevent early pregnancy and parenthood and the spread of HIV /AIDS among young people which increases the number of orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa

• Creating awareness among the community about the mother to child transmission so as to avoid newborn babies getting the virus Increasing martial fidelity, partnership reduction and reduction in sexual activity and violence among young people, youth and general population.

• Observe the Human rights of children and provide service to children affected and infected by violence to recover from experience of trauma and violence.

• Provide public awareness campaigns and community sensitization on dangers of Drugs and other addictions that lead to HIV/AIDS.


We help young people to:

• Avoid risky behaviors that lead to drug addiction and HIV AIDS.

• To organize peer groups so can carry out drama, discussion, sports and voluntary work in their respective communities that can make them busy and take their time learning new skills and other educative development programs.

• We help young people understand their sexual development, develop their life skills and to grow into and as happy responsible adults.

• We offer preventive services and care to youth and children infected and affected by HIV and drugs others activities include:(Hygiene, sanitation, Nutrition).



MOC teen’s club is a club that promotes MOC Goals in schools and youth groups and around the community. The TEENS club has a program targeting young people to promote positive non-violent images of masculinity and a program targeting young girls to manage violence and to promote self-esteem. It also helps parents/ guardians to talk to children about their performance in school, being safe in school and preventing or reporting cases of defilement.

The programs target the cooperation between parents, children, and guardians by organizing open discussion together which helps them share and express their views.

The responsibility of caring for sick adults and children goes mainly to young girls and women. So young people start to become caregivers In their early age Malaika Orphanage feels the strain of AIDS and needs emotional, psychological and physical and spiritual support. Young girls need to go back to school after all this psychological torturer. MOC TEENS club gives psychological support to fellow young people who are being strained by this situation. E.g. by counseling and guiding them. And to provide supervision to families and country members to support Youth friendly services to improve knowledge, attitude and communication skills.

The program is designed to provide health services in communities and homes that adopt our vulnerable, infected and affected children. E.g. training on PIASCY and life skills, peer education guidance and counseling, promotion of girls’ retention and completion (Sanitary materials, separate latrine for girls with washing facilities and protection from abuse) Hygiene (hand washing promotion, (school suppliers e.g. soap and others)

In this department the teenagers get technical support and guidance to discuss the principles of their character development.

The teen’s club has trained junior counselors who promote the junior, young and youth peer clubs, through music, dance, and drama activities where the teens promote good physical conditions and hygiene. Here they establish links and partnership between instruments and manufacturers to provide instruments that can help them teach others about HIV/AIDS through music, dance, and drama. They also get access to information and services.

The teen’s club gives psychological support to parents, schools, and communities that adopt fellow vulnerable and orphan children by sharing the experience of their living, expressing their views through peer groups, youth groups, counseling guides, so as to implement life skills and peer education activities.

This Department is designed for young people from 10-18 years, including Students, Children, and youth in and out of School.

Poverty relief system in South Africa prioritizes children but does not provide grants for adults unless they are old, or sick (disabled. According to the South Africa status, only adults who are sick with TB or AIDS can get the disability grant that is temporary. Today millions of children are unable to go to school and are being denied their best chance to escape poverty. It's hard to change their life when they do not know how to read or write. It is difficult to identify and refer to all the children needing help.

Malaika orphanage teen’s club comes forward to seek bursaries, sponsorship, or any support to make education for every child a reality and to seek for them a better living.

We Need Your Support Today!

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